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We Building Everything That You Needed

AER Holidays & Infra is promoted by a team of experienced professionals, including a timeshare industry veteran with eleven years of experience. It has been designed to focus on the service and solution, which continues to deliver a qualitative approach with a sound understanding of “local” needs and in accordance with “global” parameters and quality standards

Our humble beginnings and believe clients continue to choose us because of our experience and the greater value we provide.

  • Our power of choice is untrammelled.
  • Able to do what we like best
  • The obligations of business holds.

Why We Are Best In Services

AER Holidays & Infra has a motto of “Reliability is Priority,” which will be coordinated by a group of experienced and dynamic professionals.

  • The Easiest Way To Get What Need
  • Need It Fast? We Can Help.
  • Industrial has a brilliant
  • Capitalise on low hanging fruit to identify

We Make Connections

Our Services

We have well experienced and highly dedicated team of engineers technical resource persons and creative designers.


We offer vacation homes for you to rent during your holidays. We’ve created a platform that is a onestop shop for all family activities, with a focus on hands-on experiences.

Real Estate

We can offer a life that is tranquil, away from the hustle and bustle of the city. The benefits range from a
cleaner environment to less congestion on the roads


Fitness is now a world phenomenon. Achieving your fitness goals can now be as simple as partnering with us for the best membership programs and schemes to keep healthy and fit.


Whether you are looking for an investment opportunity or for your dream home, our team can help find the perfect plot of land for you.

Day Outings

We have some very exciting options to keep you busy the entire day, whether it’s with your friends, family members or colleagues in exotic locations.


Our balloons are suitable for all occasions and can be used to create balloon arches, balloon walls, or balloon pillars.